Live audio performance | Cro Mags – Show you no mercy

    First ever live recording together with my friends.

    Audio recorded live on March 6th, 2022. Video produced after first recording.


    I tried to stop myself
    Told you those games ain’t good for yourself
    Gave you advice ’cause I thought you could hear
    Better listen closely ’cause your end is near
    Won’t show you no mercy at all
    Gonna kick you, kick you when you’re taking your fall
    Won’t show you no mercy today
    Gonna hit you, hit you when you’re moving on your way
    Put you in check ’cause I thought you were my friend
    Sorry it had to come to the bitter end
    Just like a blind man you can’t see
    Better move along and just let me be
    Don’t come to me for no sympathy
    You won’t get none here
    Just leave you in fear
    Won’t show you no mercy at all!
    What does it take to prove you were a fake
    I thought so anyway,
    Won’t show you no mercy today.
    Won’t show you no mercy at all.

    Director: Camiel Vos
    Director of Photography: Joachim Lenting
    2nd camera / behind the scenes: Tim Kerkhove
    Editor: Bren Brinkman
    Sound system: Dendie van Boekhout, Remon van Boekhout
    Audio engineer: Freek van Dillen
    Set dresser: Laura Kemper
    Casting: Rens de Buijtels, Delano van der Kuijlen, Bren Brinkman, Freek van Dillen

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