ILLEGAL FREEDOM | Full documentary

Gabbers have not been sitting still during the lockdown period in 2021.

Illegal freedom is a fly on the wall documentary about gabbers who organize illegal raves under viaducts spread across the Netherlands during the Covid pandemic.

This film has been made without a budget.

Crew: Regie, productie, Camera: Bren Brinkman Color grading: Boyd Helderton Poster design : Joep De Laat Ondertiteling: Mischa Hardeman, Alberto Cast: Brittany Lucas, Lars Schuurman, Dendie Boekhout, Remon Boekhout

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  1. Great Movie!
    Shows perfect how the inside of the hardcore scenes are, and how much people enjoy to be in this scene.
    Hate to see that people can not be theirselves, because of people who do not agree with the lifestyle…


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