Is It Possible

In 2018 the Category ‘Is It Possible’ arose from Brainer. This category involved me and my friends making ‘Extreme  content.  Even though I consider it as extreme, the projects were very well thought out and took a lot of effort to make. There are only 2 published episodes in this Category. The first episode is presented by Suzanne Rutgers, On Carnaval’s night (traditional dutch party) she tried to pierce as many drunk people as possible (unfortunately due to private problems we are not in contact anymore). The second Episode is presented by Sam De Zwart, he tries to Tattoo people for the first time ever using a cheap tattoo gun.


We did a lot of research and testing before we started any of the ‘Is It Possible’ projects. The projects were very well thought out and  everything is done in the most hygiene way possible . I do not recommend doing this yourself without having any experience or doing any research upfront.

Piercing people on the streets | Is It Possible (ENG SUBS)

ENG How far do people actually go when they have a drink or 2? We took off to the streets equipped with a piercing gun...

Becoming a tattoo artist | Is It Possible?

Has it never been your dream to perform a totally different profession in the span of your life? I was very curious to see...