Walking around the flea market in Poichaina, Kyiv can be widely exciting and depressing at the same time. When walking further through to the outskirts of the market, the stalls start to look poorer and poorer. The market is open every weekend, and has become so big that sellers are forced to move to the train tracks, where every 3 hours a train passes. Whenever this happens, the sellers quickly move their stuff while the train passes by on a slow pace.

Most of the items being sold are originated from the Soviet Union period, but other items can also be found here. From people selling broken smartphones to stalls presenting nazi shit, to plastic bags providing tobacco.

Here some photos I took.

When walking past this stall selling expired Soviet Union passports, there were several thoughts going through my head:

1. Is this legal?
2. I have to have it.

Apparantly, its legal to sell obsolete passports. So as impulsive as I am, I bought them. And now am an owner of 2 expired USSR passports. Since I am not a collector, I decided to hand one out in a give away next week. If you are a collector, need a new identity, or can’t wait that long, you can buy one below.

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